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Bulk Polymer Solutions has partnered with a select group of Equipment Manufacturing and Polymer Distribution to form strategic and synergistic partnerships that put our customer's needs at the forefront of our business.
Bolcof Polymers
Bolcof - Port Polymers
One company built on the strengths of two.  Bolcof Plastic Materials recently joined the Port Plastics' family of plastics distribution companies. The new entity combines Bolcof's 50 plus years' experience in thermoplastic Resins Distribution and Compounding with Port Plastics' recognized expertise as a national distributor of high performance engineering plastics.  Our combined strengths in people and services position Bolcof·Port Polymers to adapt quickly and deliver what our customers need to compete and win in traditional and new technology markets with a wide range of Thermoplastic Resins, Custom Compounding and Customer Support. 
VeloDyne Systems
VeloDyne Systems is a leading manufacturer and systems integrator of material process and conveyance systems specializing in efficient and accurate cost reduction technology. We have a rich history providing state-of-the-art custom engineered solutions to accommodate a vast variety of industrial applications serving the dry bulk solids and industrial water and waste water industries. Our product line consists of two-part silos, bulk bag systems, liquid and dry polymer activation systems, volumetric feeders and tube conveyors satisfying a diverse range of unique applications.
KT Plastics
KT Plastics Inc. is an Oklahoma based Precision Plastic Product Manufacturer specializing in Custom Plastic Manufacturing, Machined Plastic Parts, Compression Molding of PTFE and Advanced Engineering Materials and Injection Molding of virgin, unfilled PEEK.