Markets Served

Bulk Polymer Solutions serves multiple markets in the Gulf Region with both our equipment partners and our material partners.  Our focus and direction remain at the core of our business, allowing us to remain ingrained into each industry and market segment.

Our focus in the Plastic Molding and
Extrusion market is with the recycling of scrap and the following Bolcof-Port Plastics Materials:

ABS                    LLDPE                         Polypropylene                
Acetal                Nylon 6                      Polystyrene
Acrylic              Nylon 6/6                  PVC
HDPE                 PET                              SAN/ASA
LDPE                  Polycarbonate 

Plastic Molding & Extrusion

Plastic Molding Extrusion

Dry Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling
Our focus in the Bulk Material Handling market is with the following VeloDyne Systems Equipment:
Silos                                                     Screw Conveyors
Bulk Bag Systems                         Incline Conveyors
Volumetric Feeders                                                                
Control Systems
Containerized Systems                 
Our focus in the Oil & Gas market is with the following KT Plastics Materials:
Virgin and Filled Grade PEEK - IM and HCM
Filled Grade PPS - HCM
Virgin and Filled Grade PAI - HCM
Virgin and Filled Grade PEI - HCM
Virgin and Filled Grade PTFE - Compression Molded
Filled Grade Fluorosint Equivalent - HCM

Oil & Gas

Water Wastewater


Our focus in the Packaging market is with the recycling of all scrap along with the following Bolcof-Port Plastics Materials:
ABS                                       Polyethelyne
Acrylic                                 Polystyrene
PET                                        Polycarbonate